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Now a junior in college, although I'll be here for 3 - 3 1/2 years more instead of two because of the wonderful (no sarcasm, I'm really happy about it  :D) BA/BS program. Animation for my BA, tentatively computer programming and mathematics for the BS.

Still living with Shin, and we're both still happy with that arrangement. House is a mess because of finals and the accident (which I'll get to in just a second!)

We crashed Bart about a week and a half ago. Hit a ditch, got thrown into a pole at just under 30mph. We're doing alright-- came out with suprisingly little damage. I'm dealing with a little bit of soft tissue/nerve damage on a lump on my leg (it's so numb! :o ) but it's very minor and should heal without circumstance. Also dealing with 'costochondritis', which is a very lovely word for inflammation of the tissues/cartilage in the chest. It's not so much painful now, a week and a half later, but I do get some pain when I take a deep breath. :(

All said and done, we're fine, but sad to see Bart go-- he was a beautiful car (burgundy '92 grand marquis with a vinyl roof and leather seating, ooh la la! ), and it sucks to lose him. We have a lead on a possible new car though-- a sweet sterling white '93 Lincoln Towncar with the same steering wheel and seating as Bart had. We're gonna go look at him in person....tomorrow, probably? -- and if we find him to our liking, we'll get him checked out by a mechanic. They're asking 3500$, but the dude said he might be willing to go lower.

That's all, for now. :)
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Struggling with both of my ears being infected, and a sinus infection. I really don't feel so hot, but Shin is doing her best to take care of me.
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I'm living with Shini now; we're going to college together and it's so fantastic. I do all the cooking and she does the cleaning; we are happy and healthy and I am so thankful to be living with a girl like her.

I'm considering applying to be an assistant coordinator with the women's resource center-- but that all depends on if I have the time to devote to that. I wouldn't want to do it half-assed. I probably won't, because I'm already doing ad design at the CPJ, and that will soak up out-of-class hours on its own.

I got a scholarship through KEY to the tune of $1,500. Exciting! :)

Christmas is coming. I'm excited to have Shin open the gifts I bought for her. Not gonna say what I got her, in case she reads this (unlikely, but I'm not gonna tell all the same!)

I'll be back and posting whenever I get in the mood, I guess-- I've never been one to regularly journal.
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I haven't written a journal entry in a long time.

i just want to say that life is good and that good things can happen with hard work

and that even as far as I need to go i'm so proud of how far i've come.
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my usual schedule:

8-9 get up, get ready
9-10-- transport(bus/car)
10-12--work (IT)
4-7--homework/portfolio building

8-9 get up, get ready
5-8--work (dental)
8-840--trans (foot)

6-7 get up, get ready
7-8--trans (car)
8-12--work (IT)
12-1--trans (bus)
1-730--work (dental)
730-8--trans (foot)

630-730 get up, get ready
740-8--trans (car)
8-2--work (dental)
2-240--trans (foot)


...mind you, I usually crawl into bed at two-- I take that hour for sheer shini-talking. :"D
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The dream started out with my mother and I at the library. We were going to a haunted library type thing. I was a little  ready to complain because I had already been through their haunted attic-- but she assured me that we were going to the  basement.

We get to the basement and we wander around a little bit. The main area-- the first room-- is set up like a really kitschy  'spooky' garage sale. cute, right? I run out of the room and call shini, asking her if on Tuesday she can come with me. She wants to. I come back in and mom insists hat since she already paid, I go now. I get ready to, but then I bump into someone  dressed up as a psychedelic toadstool. They give me a dirty look and I apologize and continue on.

In the next room, I am  assaulted by a vampire-costumed guy (talking like Dracula). there are a lot of people in 'monster' type costumes her, and  suddenly they all start 'fighting'. Looked choreographed to me. Then this guy just attacks Dracula with (fake) sword, and Dracula  goes down. I play along and cry out "noooooo" when this happens....then Dracula pops back up. he just backhands the guy, and  takes the sword, and brutalizes everyone in the room until he and I are the only ones in there. Then he looks at me, and I  know he's getting ready to leave. I panic for some reason and grab him-- then suddenly we're floating/flying upward, the  walls of the room falling/fading away and replaced by whiteness. I scream out: "MY CONTINUITY!".

Next thing I know, I'm in a classroom. I'm the children's age-- about 9-10. I know I have to get all the kids riled up, so I  jump up and tell everybody I'm having a haunted Halloween party. I run around the room raising trouble-- there was some word  I got all the kids chanting with me to taunt the teacher, but I can't remember what it was.

Suddenly the teacher just HITS a kid who wasn't even doing anything. I tell him that he can't do that-- he turns to look at  me, say something maybe, and I run out of the classroom and out of the school. I stand there for a little while, and then I  remember that I'm not 9 or ten even though I seem to be-- I had just been in that haunted attraction, I remember.

It also comes to my mind that I'm holding onto a book. I look at the cover, but it's nothing interesting. A hardback blah. I  flip it open to a random page, and nothing...it's only when I open it to a different page that I find a note--
[name] WAKE UP

I flip to the beginning of the book, and the title page has a sticky note, too:


Page one had a sticky note:


Page two through four or five I flip through, until I land on a page that has a note which says:


I instinctually feel that the 'he' referred to is the same Dracula from the haunted basement attraction.

Next page, a sticky note that lists the names of those "dead", "turned", and "injured"

Under injured there were a lot of names, not of note.
Under turned there were 19 names, including Scott, and Nina, and other names not of note.
Under dead there were six names, including Carla, Jennifer, and [name]-- me. Someone had written a note under this-- but the  first half of it was too smudged to read, so all that could be made out was the last half of the sentence:
"--but we still call her by the name [name]."

The next page tells me through a sticky note:


Then I woke up.

It was very very weird.
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jeepers, creepers,
where'd you get those peepers
jeepers, creepers,
where'd you get those eyes?

We went to the corneal specialist (Dr Kremer, such a man-next-door style of cutie. And tall!) and he told us what was wrong with my eyes. Apparently I'm suffering from neovascularosis of the eye. It's not as serious as the degeneration that Dr. Sexton suspected, at least. I've been given some steroid-based anti-inflammatory medicine with the hopes that it will help, which it should. Worst case scenario and it doesn't, I'll need a cornea transplant. Any volunteers? Just kidding. I mean, about the volunteer bit, at least. I mean, unless you really wouldn't mind going blind. ;)

At any rate, applying the medicine sucks, and it makes me feel ill (which my mother and I think may just be nerves) and headachey-- that one was listed on the info for side effects, though, so I'm not too worried about it. My eyes feel sorta dry, too, which was (yet another) listed side effect.

Oh my god! Speaking of the lists of side effects and OMG CALL THEB DOCTOR IF YA HAVE THEEESE effects, I have two pages of information on this medicine. No, they couldn't fit it on the box or bottle, they included two pages of small-type heavy reading which you have to read all of before you use the medicine.

And I thought I wouldn't have any homework after school let out.

Oh, well. *sigh*

Speaking of homework, I had to make a resume. I'm applying for either a Secretary or Treasurer spot in the ASOC; it's a paid position, so if I can land it, it will really help me. Hope for me, k?

I also have to write to a history professor in an attempt to convince him to waive the English 101 prerequisite for the history class I'm trying to take at the SAME TIME as my English 101. Urgh. And if he can't waive it, I have to go to the department head-- who just happens to hate the Running Start program, which I'm a member of. Just perfect, right? Riiight.

I should be getting my AP exam results in mid-July; I keep hoping and hoping I got a four or a five. I need those credits badly.

I'll be going to an Art Institute open house on July 28; I plan on bringing the OC booklet with me and asking about transferring credits, and how many classes I can take at OC to take advantage of the cheaper credits there. (The Art Institute, coincidentally, is very expensive. Bad for poor little me; very bad.)

On a more typical, downward note, I'm feeling very disconnected at the moment. Bleh.

Oh well. What shall pass, shall pass.

I gotta go rage against the powers that be.

See ya later.

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Wow, I haven't had much time to update anything, between all of what's been going on.

At any rate, I'm still alive, just...braindead.

I aced all my courses, though, including the extra course I was taking after school at the college. A great start to my college career, I feel! :D

Anyhow, I'm totally noodled out, so this is about all the update I'm giving for now.
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Things are coming together, and it's great. My grades are awesome, my teachers said nothing but positive about me during conferences, and the SAT was easy. My mom and I went out shopping, and I got a new hat, oodles of jewelery, and some truffles (and all for $20! I am a thrift MASTER! =D). We went out to eat at the Toad House Pizzaria & Pub, and the food was AWESOME. I ordered a ten inch pizza for $9.95, and it was actually more like 13" or more. Seriously, and it tasted GREAT. Plus, I have lots of left overs. =3 It was the Queen Margherita, which has oodles and oodles of cheese, then it also has whole roasted garlic and basil. Supertasty, lemme tell you.

Oh, and this morning...this morning, most lovely of all, I asked Josh out. He said yes.

Much, much oodling noodling joy over here, can you tell?

I <3 you, Josh!
I <3 you, too, Bunny!

Lots of love!


EXTRA NOTE: I got a standing ovation at the talent show. Go me!
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Anyway, I'm enjoying the five day weekend, though I really need to bust some ass and study for the test in Stats coming up. Chapters 1-13.
o.o It's gonna keel me. ....meh, not really. It's actually a really fun class, and even if Higley can grind on my nerves at times (I don't know why, just sometimes does) he's a great teacher.

I found out that I have a 102.74% in Econ, which is odd. I had thought I was doing badly; mostly 'cause the class bores me to tears and I often argue with the teacher over her statements/assumptions. She's a nice lady, but I /loathe/ her as a teacher. She drives me up and down the walls. Oh well-- I'm happy to hear it! =D I got a 90% on the test we just took, and while this usually would piss me off (I tend to do better than that on tests) it was difficult, and nobody got much higher than that. =)

Anybody know of any fun rap songs? Y'know, stuff like "'Fett's Vette"? Doesn't have to be Nerd!core like that song, but fun stuff, yeah? =D

On the subject of music, EVERYONE should check out the new Placebo album, Meds. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. Check. It. Now. Or I sic egyptian cats on you. Because I will. So do it. Peeps I know irl, I can burn you a copy (I bought it on itunes. As many copies as I want, I can burn-- and legal! =D)

Mmmm. I sound cheerful here. It's nice to. I bet it's nice to read me, like, not bitching and stuff.


I was so opening up the new journal thing to do one of those incoherent writes for my characters that I tend to do. Guess I got distracted by Life! XDDDDD

Love you guys!

<3 you especially, Bunny!
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